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Setting Up a Virtual Office in Singapore

virtual office in singapore

There are many benefits to setting up your business in a virtual office in Singapore. These include flexibility and growth. There are many options to choose from. You’ll also need to consider the location and the cost of the service. You should also consider the quality of mail forwarding and other services, like fax and phone answering.


Choosing the right location for your virtual office is important for marketing your business. It should be in the business district to give the impression that your company is a thriving enterprise. It should also be accessible for clients. Some desirable locations include Robinson Road, Shenton Way, Raffles Quay, Battery Road, Clarke Quay, and North Bridge Road.

There are a variety of options for setting up your virtual office in Singapore. You can book a serviced office in a chic, contemporary building that offers business and lifestyle amenities. Many serviced offices in Singapore are connected to a network of multinational corporations and financial institutions. This access helps you grow your business and acquire clients more quickly.


A virtual office can be a cost-effective solution for your business. It offers many advantages over a conventional office. For instance, you can enjoy telephone answering services and office support. You can also book chic office suites and comprehensive meeting facilities. In addition, setting up your virtual business in the city’s financial district can help you to develop your business and attract clients more efficiently. You can also take advantage of the business networking opportunities available at serviced offices in the financial district. These facilities have access to multinational corporations and major financial institutions in the area.

The cost of a virtual office in Singapore varies depending on the type of office you choose. A basic virtual office starts at S$40/month and goes up to about $150-$200 per month. Then there are other services you can opt to upgrade to, such as meeting rooms and event spaces.


If you want to work from home but still require a professional address, a Singapore virtual office is the answer. The services offered by a Singapore virtual office provider can greatly benefit your business. Unlike a conventional office, these spaces provide a virtual address to your business and come with a host of other benefits, including a robust IT infrastructure, call handling, receptionists, and support teams. These offices are also available in several locations, including Suntec City and the Thong Teck Building.

Ideally, the location of your virtual office should be in the business district. This gives your clients the impression that you have a professional and established company. Moreover, being located in a central location is convenient for your clients. Some prime areas include Robinson Road, Shenton Way, Clarke Quay, North Bridge Road, and Raffles Quay.

Mail forwarding

If you are looking to set up a virtual office in Singapore, there are a number of things to consider. First of all, you will need a local business address. This is what will serve as your company’s official corporate address. Alternatively, you can choose to get a CBD business address that can be used for letterheads, business cards, and other corporate collaterals. You may also want to get a dedicated business telephone number. There are two options: the first option will give you a phone line and the other option is to forward calls.

A virtual office in Singapore is a good investment for a growing company. The cost of setting up a physical office can be high, especially for start-up businesses. However, a virtual office allows you to work from anywhere and still maintain a corporate image.